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A Force-Filled eLearning Challenge

A Force-Filled eLearning Challenge

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The Challenge

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie is set to release December 19, 2019. In honor of its release, the Articulate’s community eLearning challenge #262 tasked community members with sharing a force-filled Star Wars e-Learning template/example. Rema Merrick, one of our eLearning developers, created and submitted a company-branded, Star Wars-themed template in Articulate Storyline 360.

Our Approach

She used our company’s brand colors (purple, orange and green) for the main color palette with clean, dark background images from Pixabay.com and Adobe Stock photos.

The template begins with a movie-like title scene accompanied by a dramatic instrumental piece called Epic from Bensound.com. The template includes a title slide, four types of content slides, one quiz question slide, a quiz result slide and a conclusion slide. The sections are separated by a simple, chapter title slide.

There is an objective slide with a slider interaction; a menu slide with a click-and-show interaction and animated aircrafts; a space craft, click-and-show interaction slide; a big-dipper-timeline, click-and-show interaction. The quiz question template has a starry background complete with a space ship and moon. The conclusion slide ends with the same cinematic instrumental that introduces the template.

Wrap Up

What Could We Have Done Differently?

1. On the title page, the transition from the first star-filled background to the background with the moon should shift smoother.

2.The big-dipper, timeline interaction is a little clunky. When the user clicks the star, the animated content should flow with ease.

3. We should have added titles for the Back and Next buttons, so that users can quickly identify the purpose of these buttons.

We plan to update these and a few more items in our next iteration of the template.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the template, please let us know.