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Top ID and eLearning Books

Here are our top picks for instructional design and eLearning books we use when creating eLearning and other types of training.

Design for People Who Learn

Written by Julie Dirksen, in this book you’ll discover how to use the key principles behind learning, memory and attention to create materials that enable your audience to both gain and retain the knowledge and skills you’re sharing.

ISD From the Ground Up

Written by Chuck Hodell this book give a step by step outline of the instructional design process. 

Map It

Map It by Cathy Moores shows you how to create realistic activities to help your learners practice what they need to know.

Scenario-Based e-Learning

Scenario-based e-Learning by Ruth Colvin Clark shows you when to use scenario-based e-Learning and how to design effective scenario-based e-Learning activities.