Create a Hidden-Object Game

Create a Hidden-Object Game

Visual Layout

This Hidden Object, eLearning game features an orange and green, frog-themed palette. We created the game in Articulate Storyline 360. It includes background music, video, image and text elements.The high-quality photograph is from and the video clips are from the Articulate 360 library. We used two font types: Arial Extrabold for the title and Articulate Light for the content.

Interactivity and Functionality

This game consists of two slides: a title slide and an interaction slide. To introduce the game, we created the title slide using a short video clip. This clip of a frog croaking in a pond came from the Articulate 360 library. The other elements on the slide include title text and a start button. The interaction slide is where all the fun takes place. This is where users must find six hidden objects to win the game. We created the interaction using a set of triggers for each object. When the user selects the hidden object, one trigger shows the “You got it!” layer and another changes the state of a circle the object to appear. This circle indicates that the user found the object. Finally, a third trigger changes an associated variable to true, which records that the user found that object. Once the user finds all the hidden objects, the five variables change to True and the conclusion layer appears, which allows the user to exit the game. A fun element is that the conclusion layer includes a video clip of another frog in the pond, just like the title slide.

Development Time

This simple interaction took us less than an hour to create and revise. If you would like more details on our process or a copy of the template, contact us.

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