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eLearning Project Management in a Nutshell

eLearning Project Management in a Nutshell

Project management flow chart

Project Management | 3 minutes to read

Juggling different projects and delivering them on-time to clients requires an efficient project management system. In this article, I’ll share my project management system and the tools I use to stay on top of things.

The System

My project management approach is to start with the end goal in mind. Here’s how it would look for a typical, 60-minute eLearning course created in Storyline 360. This process starts once the client and I define and agree on the project, scope and pricing.

Identify Each Deliverable

First, I identify each deliverable and it’s components. I think about how many people will be involved in creating the eLearning course. Will I use a graphic designer or stock graphics/images? Will I contract out the development portion of the project or develop it myself? Each component that goes out to a contractor adds a level of complexity and additional time to the project. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume I am developing each deliverable on my own.

Set the Timeline

Next, I create a timeline outlining the project deliverables and deadlines. I estimate the time it takes to complete each deliverable using data from a similar project I’ve completed in the past. I consistently track the time it takes me to complete every project using Clockify and use that data to estimate future projects. In addition to the time it takes to complete each deliverable, I include the time it takes for the client to review the course, quality assurance testing and a 10-15% cushion in case I run into unexpected issues.

Set Up Milestones and Deadlines in the Project Management Software

Finally, I set up the project in Trello, a graphics-driven, user-friendly project management tool. Here’s how I set up the project in Trello.

  1. Create a board for the project.
  2. Create a list for each stage of the project.
  3. Create a card for each deliverable along with a due date.
  4. Set up notifications for the deadlines.

Wrap Up

My simple, eLearning project management approach involves three steps.

  1. Identify each deliverable.
  2. Set the timeline.
  3. Set up the project in the program management tool.

Having a system and consistently using it helps reduce the risk of projects falling apart and of me burning out.


Picture of the author

Rema Merrick is the owner of Enovate Learning LLC. She’s been an instructional designer and eLearning developer for over six years and holds a MS in Instructional Technology. She is the volunteer founder and moderator of the group, Instructional Design Project Peer Review Group. When she’s not developing training, she’s running outside on her local trail, taking a yoga class or traveling.