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Enovate Learning LLC

Audience: Clients 
Industry: eLearning 
Topic: Branding 
Tool: Adobe Illustrator 


Create a logo that visually represents the brand personality of Enovate Learning LLC. 


Methodology: Selected a lightbulb image inspired by the Sage brand archetype with the goal of using intelligence and analysis to understand the world. Based on the Brand Archetype approach. Choose a tri-color palette to evoke three distinct emotions in the audience that align with the Sage brand archetype: orange (creativity), green (growth) and purple (wisdom). Based the palette on the Theory of Color Psychology. Created several versions and sizes of the logo to use in print or digital products and light or dark backgrounds.

Process: Created the lightbulb image in Adobe Illustrator using simple round and rectangle shapes. Used simple variations on the Houschka Rounded text character to convey a clean, elegant feel. 


Used the logo in all print and digital Company products: website, eLearning courses, business cards, etc.