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How to Create a Course in the MoodleCloud LMS

How to Create a Course

This job aid outlines step-by-step instructions for setting up a single-activity, SCORM package course in the MoodleCloud LMS. This sets up a course for two goals: 1) students can access and view the course; and 2) administrators can track the students’ progress. The job aid is a resource that accompanies the software simulation (tutorial) for the same topic.

Adobe InDesign, Job Aid

Audience: Learning Management System (LMS) Administrators
Industry: Education
Topic: LMS Administration
Duration: 3 minutes


Design a training tool that shows LMS administrators how to add a course to the MoodleCloud LMS. Administrators must be able to access the information on-demand or anytime they need to reference the information.


Create a PDF (digital) document that administrators can print or access online.

Instructional Design Approach: Since the content to be trained is procedural knowledge (step-by-step content) we created two activities to train administrators: a software simulation (tutorial) and job aid. The software simulation familiarizes administrators with the process and gives them opportunities to practice. While the job aid reinforces the information administrators learned in the tutorial. Administrators do not have to memorize the entire process immediately. In contrast, they can use the job aid to fill in the blanks until the process becomes automatic through repeated practice.

Development Process: This project followed the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. 1) Analysis: Reviewed MoodleCloud documentation and practiced creating a course in the LMS. 2) Design: Wrote out the process for adding a course within the LMS. Tested the process to ensure no necessary steps were omitted or unnecessary information included. 3) Development: Developed job aid in Adobe InDesign by designing an aesthetic template, writing the procedures and including screenshots with labels. 4) Implementation: Uploaded PDF to AWS server for administrators to access and download. 5) Evaluation: Measure feedback from administrators.

Multimedia Elements: Used text, screenshots of the LMS pages/screens and labeling to layout process.

Interaction: Users can download and/or print the document.


Mixed feedback from audience: some found the information useful and others choose not to use it.