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What is an Atom

What is an Atom

This short course teaches students the basic structure and behavior of atoms.

Articulate Rise, Storyline, Vyond | eLearning Course 

Audience: 4th-grade Students
Industry: Education
Topic: Science
Duration: 15 minutes


Design a project to teach elementary school students the basics of an atom.


Create a short, interactive using Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise and Vyond.

Development Process: This project followed the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. 1) Analysis: Reviewed science websites to gather relevant content. 2) Design: Crafted the topic outline. Designed the storyboard for the course. Simultaneously wrote the narration script and storyboard for the animated video. 3) Development: Created the animated video in Vyond. Crafted the drag and drop interaction in Articulate Rise. Assemble the course Articulate Rise, including the animated video and drag and drop interaction. 4) Implementation: Uploaded Articulate Storyline drag-and-drop interaction to Instagram and the course to AWS server for followers to access. 5) Evaluation: Measure feedback from Instagram followers.

Multimedia Elements: Used text-to-speech narration tool in Vyond. Added stock background music provided in Vyond software tool. Customized main character using Vyond’s character customization tools. Used stock templates and created customized templates to tell an engaging story.

Interaction: The course includes one multiple-choice pre-test question, an animated video, click-and-show interaction, click-and-flip interaction, drag-and-drop interaction and a final-five-question quiz.


Positive feedback from audience show content was useful.