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Check Auto Program

Check Auto Program

This eLearning course is a 15-minute eLearning course that introduces an educational series that promotes a vehicle diagnostic service program to auto parts store owners and employees. *  

Storyline 360, Self-Paced eLearning Course

Audience: Auto Parts Store Sales Partners, Owners, Sales Specialists and Auto Specialists 
Industry: Auto Parts 
Topic: Diagnostic Program
Duration:  15 minutes


Create an educational series that motivates auto parts store owners and employees to sell a vehical diagnostic program to their customers.


Create several 15-minute, eLearning courses to educate audience about diagnostic program. 

Instructional Design Approach: This course was designed using Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, which involves gaining the users’ attention, presenting the course objectives, encouraging recall of information related to new content, presenting the content, providing guidance, allowing practice, providing feedback, assessing performance and enhancing retention.

Development Process: This development process followed the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. 1) Analysis: Reviewed content (existing PowerPoint presentations and videos) provided by client. 2) Design: Created the design document, including the course outline. 2) Simultaneously wrote the narration script and created the storyboard. 3) Development: Created a customized, branded Storyline template for the courses. Assembled the content (text, audio, video clips, music and images) in Storyline 360. Recorded the narration with voice over talent. 4) Edited and dropped narration audio files into Storyline. 5) Implementation: Client distributed courses to users via their learning management system (LMS). 6) Evaluation: Client responsible for measuring outcome and soliciting feedback from audience. 

Multimedia Elements: Original course includes text, images, short video clips, background music and voice over narration.** Narration provided by professional voice over talent and audio engineering studio. Adobe Audition was used to edit narration. Stock images and background music were provided by Articulate 360 and Adobe Stock Photo libraries. 

Interactions: Course includes show-and-hide, click interactions, knowledge checks sprinkled throughout and a final quiz. 


Positive feedback from client.

* All client proprietary and confidential information has been removed from this sample. We have replaced the client name, branding, proprietary content and confidential information with generic information. However, we have kept the integrity of the basic topic/content, interactions, multimedia elements and quality. 

** Sample course uses text-to-speech narration instead of professional voice over narrration.