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HIPAA Basics for Providers

HIPAA Basics for Providers

This game-based assessment reviews the basic HIPAA information healthcare providers learned in a previous course. *  

Storyline 360, Game, Assessment

Audience: Healthcare providers
Industry: Healthcare
Topic: HIPAA 
Duration:  5 minutes


Create a short activity that provides a refresher of the basic HIPAA information for healthcare professionals. 


Create six-question, game-based assessment to refresh basic HIPAA knowledge. 

Instructional Design Approach: This game-based assessment was designed using a simple, game-design approach. All games must have a player, objective, system of rules and feedback. The activity requires one player with the objective to reach the top of the mountain. The rules are simple: reach the top of the mountain within 60 seconds by answering each question correctly. There are three points of feedback: assessment question feedback (correct/incorrect), movement towards the goal (a correct answer moves player one position/an incorrect results in player staying in current position), points (10 points for each correct answer/0 points for incorrect answers) and timed-performance (60 seconds to answer the 6 questions). The player can recieve an extra 50 points by completing the goal in 30 seconds.

Development Process: The development process followed the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. 1) Analysis: Reviewed content (HIPPA Basics for Providers: Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules PDF). 2) Design: Created the design document, including the assessment questions and game design information. 2) Simultaneously wrote the narration script and created the storyboard. 3) Development: Created a customized, branded Storyline template for the game. Assembled the content (text, audio, video clips, music and images) in Storyline 360. 4) Used Storyline 360 text-to-speech feature for narration. 5) Implementation: Sample game distributed via Amazon S3 and WordPress website. 6) Evaluation: Usually the client is responsible for measuring the outcome and soliciting feedback from the audience.  

Multimedia Elements: Game includes text, images, short video clips, background music and voice over narration.** Stock images and background music were provided by Articulate 360 and Adobe Stock Photo libraries. 

Interactions: Game includes six, multiple-choice questions with feedback, a timer and animated hiker who advances up the mountain. 


A fun, quick way to present previously learned content.

* Since this is a sample game, there is not proprietary information. But if there were, all client proprietary and confidential information would be removed from the sample. We would replace the client name, branding, proprietary content and confidential information with generic information. However, we would keep the integrity of the basic topic/content, interactions, multimedia elements and quality. 

** Sample course uses text-to-speech narration. We use narration produced by professional voice talent for courses delivered to clients.