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5 Things I Wish I Knew

5 Things I Wish I Knew

This animated video shares five tips to help new freelance eLearning developers. The inspiration for this video was Articulate’s eLearning Challenge #348: How to Succeed as an eLearning Designer or Freelancer.

Vyond, Animated Video

Audience: New instructional design/eLearning development freelancers
Industry:   Education
Topic:        eLearning
Duration:  2:38 minutes


Design a project sharing favorite tips for succeeding as an eLearning designer.


Create a short, animated video outlining five tips for success as a new freelance eLearning designer.
Instructional Design Approach: This video was designed using a tutorial approach where the audience is presented with information to build awareness of a topic. The approach was appropriate because the audience is voluntarily consuming this information at their leisure. In addition, the content is compact and simple.
Development Process: This process followed the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. 1) Analysis: Reviewed notes in Helpful tips notebook created over time. The notebook had success tips and tricks. 2) Design: Crafted the video outline. 2) Simultaneously wrote the narration script and the storyboard. 3) Development: Recorded the narration. 4) Developed and added narration audio to the video in Vyond. 5) Implementation: Uploaded video to Instagram and AWS server for followers to access. 6) Evaluation: Measure feedback from Instagram followers.
Multimedia Elements: Recorded and edited narration using Adobe Audition. Added stock background music provided in Vyond software tool. Customized main character using Vyond’s character customization tools. Used stock templates and created customized templates to tell an engaging story.


Positive feedback from new eLearning designers show they found the tips helpful.