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Gas Leaks in Your Home

Gas Leaks in Your Home

This short tutorial teaches homeowners the basics of natural gas safety. The course consists four short animated videos.

Adobe Captivate and Vyond | eLearning course, Animated Video  

Audience: Homeowners who use natural gas
Industry:   Natural Gas
Topic:         Natural Gas Safety
Duration:  5 minutes


Design a project to teach homeowners the basics of natural gas safety.


Create a short course outlining the basics of natural gas, what it is, how to detect a gas leak and what to do if they suspect a gas leak. The course consists of four short animated videos created in Vyond and packaged in Adobe Captivate.

Instructional Design Approach: This video was designed using a tutorial approach where the audience is presented with information to build awareness of a topic. The approach was appropriate because the audience is voluntarily consuming this information at their leisure. In addition, the content is compact and simple.

Development Process: This project followed the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. 1) Analysis: Reviewed gas safety websites to gather relevant content. 2) Design: Crafted the topic outline. Simultaneously wrote the narration script and storyboard. 3) Development: Recorded the narration. Developed and added narration audio to the video in Vyond. Put the videos together in an Adobe Captivate course wrapper. 4) Implementation: Uploaded video to Instagram and AWS server for followers to access. 5) Evaluation: Measure feedback from Instagram followers.

Multimedia Elements: Used text-to-speech narration tool in Vyond. Added stock background music provided in Vyond software tool. Customized main character using Vyond’s character customization tools. Used stock templates and created customized templates to tell an engaging story.

Interaction: Users control the video viewing by clicking a button to view each of the three videos.


Positive feedback from audience show content was useful.