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Case Interview Simulation Functionality Tutorial


This short, Camtasia tutorial software functionality video shows users how to navigate a simulated business case interview developed in Storyline 360 for an eLearning startup.  

Camtasia Tutorial Video


The main e-Learning course simulates a business case interview. A business case interview is a problem-solving interview that business consulting candidates (users) and other business professionals take as part of the hiring process. The course allows candidates to practice solving a timed, business case interview and provides naturally occurring intrinsic feedback. The candidates need to know how to use the functionality in the course, so they can concentrate on the solving the business case. 


Develop a short, Camtasia tutorial software functionality video that outlines the basic functions and navigation elements of the business case interview eLearning course.

Instructional Design of Camtasia Tutorial Software Functionality Video

The video uses a straightforward, tutorial approach. The video presents text, audio and animation content to the user about how to perform specific tasks in the course. This approach is suitable for this activity because the user only needs a simple, brief explanation to continue the course. 

Development of Camtasia Tutorial Software Functionality Video

The development follows the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model. 1) Analysis: Review the functionality of the course and document the steps. 2) Design: Craft a storyboard and write the narration script. 3) Development: Record the software navigation tasks using Camtasia. Create the text-to-speech narration in Storyline 360. Insert the narration audio files into Camtasia. Publish the video file and insert the WMP file into Storyline 360 course.   4) Implementation: Publish the course to LearnDash LMS.  6) Evaluation: Client measures feedback from audience regarding its usefulness.

Visual Design of Camtasia Tutorial Software Functionality Video

Design the color and style of the visual elements (annotations and text) to match the client’s brand colors and Storyline 360 course template.

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Rema Merrick, owner of Enovate Learning LLC, was the instructional designer, eLearning developer and graphic designer on this project. She has eight years of experience developing eLearning (CBTs and WBTs) and other training modalities for corporations in the airline, utilities and other industries. She holds a master of science in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and is a member of ATD Florida Suncoast. Her hobbies include running, practicing yoga and participating in Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes E-Learning Challenge

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