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The Bones of the Skull


This five-minute activity introduces learners to the main bones of the human skull. It’s a custom-branded activity, created in Articulate Storyline 360, which includes a glossary that learners can access during the activity. 


Create a custom-branded activity that introduces learners to the main bones of the human skull. The activity must have a custom glossary learners can access during the activity.  


Instructional Design Approach

Follows a hybrid version of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction. This method works because the activity is a short, self-contained, practice exercise that may be used as part of a larger course or activity.

The activity:

  • grabs the learner’s attention on the title slide;
  • informs the learners of objectives;
  • presents the new content to learner via audio and text;
  • elicits performance and provides feedback with a text-entry question; and,
  • enhances retention and recall with links to additional resources.

It does not stimulate prior recall, provide learner guidance or assess performance due to the short length of the activity. 

Visual Design Approach

Uses a monochromatic-grey-color palette with blue accents. Created custom Navigation elements (e.g., Start, Back, Next and Glossary buttons) using a skull icon and text box with blue background.

Assets and Tools

Developed in Articulate Storyline 360. Used 3D assets and background music from Adobe Stock. Used video clips on the title and content pages from Articulate Content Library 360. Edited perspective of the 3D-skull image with Adobe Dimensions



Title slide grabs learner’s attention with video clip of skeleton dancing to funky, background music. Icing on the cake is a quirky joke presented to learners.

Articulate Storyline eLearning Designer and Developer


Content slide presents new information to learners via audio narration and an click-show-and-hide interaction. Learner clicks each bone button; then, a lightbox appears with the description and image of the bone. Slide includes a 22-second video clip of a skeleton and a skull-inspired button to access the glossary.

Back and Next buttons appear when the learner views all 11 bones. Creating the interaction on this slide uses 12 variables: 11 to count when the learner views each lightbox slide and one for when they are complete.

Storyline 360 Custom Glossary


Learners click each bone-text button to reveal description of the bone, 3D skull image and pointer. Pointer directs learners to the specific bone. Used a Show lightbox when user clicks trigger to create interaction.

Storyline 360 Custom Glossary


Learners access the custom glossary from the content slide. Created Glossary’s hover-and-show interaction using a Show layer when mouse hovers trigger.

Storyline 360 Custom Glossary
Title Slide


Five-question, text-entry, quiz question elicits performance from and provides feedback to learners. Learners must receive an  80% score to pass question. Learners can retake the question if they receive a less than 80% score.

Storyline 360 Custom Glossary



The custom branding is a success; it achieves the intended look and feel, which aligns with the entire course. Without the custom visual design, the glossary has minimum visual design with regards to the branding colors.


Feedback from users suggest the quiz was too difficult. Added a retake button to the quiz so users can retake the quiz as many times as they would like.

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Rema Merrick, owner of Enovate Learning LLC, was the instructional designer, eLearning developer and graphic designer on this project. She has eight years of experience developing eLearning (CBTs and WBTs) and other training modalities for corporations in the airline, utilities and other industries. She holds a master of science in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and is a member of ATD Florida Suncoast. Her hobbies include running, practicing yoga and participating in Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes E-Learning Challenge

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