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Frustrated with Disengaged Learners: This eLearning Approach Can Change That

Overview Looking for a way to engage learners and make their learning experiences more meaningful? Consider using a scenario-based e-Learning approach for your next eLearning project. This article explains what is scenario-based e-eLearning, how it engages learners, and the best learning environments and situations in which to use it. What is Scenario-based e-Learning Scenario-based e-Learning…
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Fast and Furious: Turbo Charge Your eLearning

Overview As an instructional designer and eLearning developer, I am always trying to achieve learning outcomes in the most efficient manner. One way I accomplish this is by using eLearning templates to reduce the eLearning development time and streamline the development process.  Once I select the right template for the project, I can quickly drop…
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A Force-Filled eLearning Challenge

Click here to view the full template. The Challenge Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie is set to release December 19, 2019. In honor of its release, the Articulate’s community eLearning challenge #262 tasked community members with sharing a force-filled Star Wars e-Learning template/example. Rema Merrick, one of our eLearning developers, created and submitted…
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