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COVID-19 Symptoms


COVID-19 Symptoms

Audience: General Public
Industry: Public Health 
Topic: COVID-19 Symptoms
Tools: Storyline 360


Create a microlearning module that presents the symptoms of the COVID-19 disease. This module could be part of a larger series of module related to the the COVID-19 disease. 


Developed a two-minute, microlearning module in Storyline 360. The module features a blue-green, coronavirus-inspired template.

Methodology: Since the purpose of the module is to build awareness around COVID-19 symptoms, it is delivered using a “telling” or receptive mode of training. This type of mode works to make users aware of a particular topic. We did not present any learning objectives or assessments because the module is short and intended to be a part of a larger series.

Interactivity: The module includes narration, text, images and roll over interactions.

Tools: The high-quality images were purchased from Adobe Stock. The module features text-to-text narration provided with Storyline360.  


Delivered on the web via Amazon Web Services. 

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