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How We Price

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Our pricing is based on the level of interaction and duration of the course. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may choose a packaged or customized solution.


Level of Interaction

An eLearning course’s level of interactivity determines how simple or complex the course will be to develop. More complex interactions require more time and resources. Thus, it is an important factor in determining the cost of the project. 

There are four levels of eLearning interactivity. Interactivity, as we use it, refers to any interaction between the learner and the module, where the learner gives input and the module proceeds based on the input given by the learner. For example, a learner clicks the play button and a video starts to play. Generally speaking, more interactivity results in more engagement by the learner.


This module includes linear, static slides that are comprised of text and images, knowledge checks sprinkled through out the course and a final assessment. There are no audio or video components. Similar, to PowerPoint slides, the learner is a passive participant. The learner’s only active participation is to navigate the course by clicking Back and Next buttons.


This module may include Level 1 components, along with basic click-and-reveal activities, basic drop-and-drop activities, simple text inputs, text and image animations, and basic audio components. The learner participates more actively in the course and is more engaged.


This module may include Level 2 components, along with advanced click-and-reveal activities, advanced drop-and-drop activities, complex text inputs with calculations, hot spots, video and voice-over narration. The learner participates actively in the course and is engaged. 


This module may include advanced simulations (software simulation and simulated environment), gaming and branching scenarios. The activities are custom and complex. The learner is immersed and actively engaged.


Course Duration

eLearning courses can range in duration from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. The duration is calculated by the time it takes the average learner to complete the course. The course duration is one factor that we use to determine the pricing for a project.

Service Options

Pricing varies based on several elements, including course duration and level of interaction. 


1. 60-minute Initial consultation
2. Written proposal with recommendations for eLearning design strategic plan: course structure, activities, learning objective and topic outline.

This is a great option if you only need help with eLearning strategy. We create the plan and you execute it.



1. Starter plan  
2. One branded, eLearning template in Articulate Storyline / Rise 360 
2. One course (up to 15-minute duration)  
3. Level 1 to 2 interactivity
4.  One round of minor updates (up to one hour of development time) within one year of project completion



1. Starter plan
2. One branded, eLearning template in Articulate Storyline / Rise 360
3. One course (up to 30-minute duration)
4. Level 1 to 2 interactivity
5. Two rounds of minor updates (up to two hours of development time) within one year of project completion


Don’t see a plan that fits your needs?

We can provide a custom solution for your eLearning challenge.