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ELC#275: Using Educational Animations in eLearning


Educational animations are an effective way explain complex concepts and simple processes. In addition, they grab the learner’s attention. Our submission shows how to identify a gas leak in your home and what to do when you if you find one.


We created the animations in Vyond (GoAnimate) and developed it in short pieces: the Introduction (9 seconds), Menu (11 seconds), Define (20 seconds), Signs (36 seconds) and Action (16 seconds). We re-used the Introduction animation for the conclusion slide. The character style was business friendly and features an African American family as the main characters. The setting takes place in and around the main character’s home, at a natural gas plant and at a natural gas drilling site. We used a text-to-text speech, female, voice over as a placeholder. If the project were to go to an actual client, we would replace the placeholder with a professional voice over talent. The introduction and conclusion animations include fun, peppy background music. There’s also one special effect.


We imported the animations as MP4 files into Adobe Captivate and used six slides for the microlearning event. The unique part of this project is that it includes a menu that allows the user to choose the order in which they would like to watch the three videos.

Development Time

It took approximately three hours to create the Vyond animations and one hour to lay out the project in Adobe Captivate.

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