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Using Scrolling Panels in e-Learning

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Using Scrolling Panels in e-Learning

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e-Learning Heroes #273 – Using Scrolling Panels in eLearning

Using scrolling panels in eLearning projects makes it easy to organize content so that learners can easily digest complicated information. Articulate’s eLearning Challenge #273 tasked all the e-Learning Heroes, like us, with creating an interaction using scrolling panels.

Our submission for Articulate’s e-Learning Challenge #273: Using Scrolling Panels in e-Learning (2020) is one-slide interaction features a simple, soft color scheme with blue and tan colors.

We developed this interaction using a few simple techniques in Articulate Storyline 360: scrolling panel, buttons, slide layers, triggers and a variable. The slide layers hold the image and content for each button. The button triggers when the user clicks a call-out, which shows the corresponding slide layer content and changes the state of the call-out button to a different color. This feature makes it clear to learners that they visited the content. Finally, as the user clicks each tab the variable adds a count of one. When the count reaches three, all the call-out buttons have been activated and the conclusion slide layer appears.

This simple interaction took us roughly an hour to create and revise. If you would like more details on our process or a copy of the template, contact us.

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