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What is an Atom

Self-Paced eLearning

What is an Atom 

Audience: Students
Industry: Phsyics Education
Topic: Atom
Authoring Tools: Rise 360, Storyline 360 and Vyond


Design an eLearning module in Rise 360 and incorporate a Storyline 360 interaction for Articulate’s eLearning Heroes eLearning Challenge #306: Customizing Storyline Interactions for Rise 360 Templates.


Developed a five-minute, eLearning module. Using Blooms Taxonomy, there are five learning objectives/outcomes, which align with the interactions within the module and the final quiz. Aligned with Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction the module as follows.

1. Gain Learner’s Attention: Present a question for learners to answer. The question highlights a surprising fact about an atom.
2. Inform Learners of Objectives: Present five learning objectives using Bloom’s Taxonomy to present the learning outcomes.
3. Stimulate Recall: Present a question at the beginning to the course, which served to gain the learner’s attention and stimulate recall regarding the content.
4. Present Content: Present new content with an animated video and labeled graphic interaction. The animated video was created in Vyond and includes background music and voice narration.
5. Provide Learning Guidance: The module instructions for completing each interaction, the final quiz and final project. The module also includes mnemonic learning strategies, labeled graphics and visual images to provide guidance.
6. Elicit Performance: The module includes a drag and drop interaction, which allows the user to practice their knowledge of the structure of the atom and electrical charge of each atomic particle. The drag and drop interaction was created in Storyline 360 and imported into Rise.
7. Provide Feedback: The drag and drop interaction mentioned in the Elicit Performance section, provides immediate feedback as the learner engages in the practice activity.
8. Assess Performance: Learners take a five-question assessment and must score 80% or better to pass the assessment.
9. Enhance Retention and Transfer: Learners are encouraged to complete a final project, which asks them to create a learning to teach other students about the basic structure of an atom.


Presented module on eLearning Heroes Challenge website, 21 Creative Ways to Use Storyline Blocks in Rise 360 #RECAP #306.

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