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Meet the Team (Microlearning)

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Meet the Team

Storyline | Natural Gas Industry

Enovate Learning LLC (EL) was challenged to create a short, interactive activity to introduce new employees to the executive leadership team (ELT) for Natural Gas Energy. This eight-minute, e-learning module gives these new employees a brief introduction to each ELT member including their name, responsibilities and passion. Rema Merrick, an EL instructional designer, developed a custom, green and blue, soccer team theme for the course.


Due to a short, casual nature of this module, Rema used a modified version of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction including one clear, measurable objective based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Rema applied seven of the nine events; they did not present the learner with guidance/examples or post-assessment items but did present learners with practice questions and feedback.


The module includes background music (introduction and closing), narration (main narrator and five other characters) and five-question data entry assessment.


Rema developed the module using Storyline 360. For the narration, she used the text-to-speech feature in Storyline 360 to produce the computer-generated narration. The background music is a Royalty free piece from BenSound.com. The images for this module were obtained from pixabay.com and Adobe Stock Images.


Natural Gas Energy is a fictitious company. The characters, information and voices used in this activity are also fictitious but typical for a client of Enovate Learning LLC.

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