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Development Process

Design, develop and deliver innovative, interactive eLearning.

What to Expect

Although each project is different, the following steps outline the workflow or development process for a typical eLearning project from start to finish. Once you decide to work with us we will review it in more detail as part of the on-boarding process. Our goal is to educate you on the complete process, so that we can meet deadlines and stay on budget.



The onboarding process ensures that you get up to speed on the development process, including what is expected of you and what our responsibilities include. This ensures that there are few misunderstandings and the project moves forward quickly.


Before you decide to work with us, it’s important that you are at the stage in the process where we can provide you with the best support. We have provided the Client Readiness checklist and Project questionnaire to ensure you have everything you need to get the project started. Once you complete the checklist and questionnaire and submit both documents to us, we will send you a link to schedule the Initial consultation.

During the Initial consultation, we discuss the scope of your project, including your goals, budget, timeline and constraints. We gather all the necessary information, so that we can prepare a project proposal, which includes the statement of work and estimate. Initial consultations are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. This meeting lasts for 60 minutes. 


Once we clarify the scope of the project, you will receive a project proposal that outlines the contract terms, project scope, statement of work, development timeline, cost, payment details, communication channels, review cycles and any other relevant information.

If you decide to proceed, you will sign and return the project proposal/contract, along with any agreed upon payment and information. We require a 50% down payment prior to the start of the project and then two remaining payments of 25% prior to the completion of the project. We also require all raw content, assets and agreed upon information, necessary to complete the project, prior to the start of the project. When this is complete, we will schedule the Kick-Off meeting.


During this meeting, we introduce you to our team, discuss your business goals and learning objectives, cover major deliverables and responsibilities, review scope creep procedures, discuss next steps and answer your questions.


After the Kick-Off meeting, we will provide you with a Welcome packet. This packet includes digital and physical assets that will educate you on the development process and any other relevant information you will need to complete the project.



As mentioned earlier, although each project is unique, the following are deliverables that are typical for most projects. You will need to review each deliverable and sign off on each one at each stage in the development process.


The design document helps to ensure that we are both on the same page in terms of the expectations for what the finished product will include.


The storyboard is a static mockup of all the slides (Web pages), text, visual/graphic, audio, video, other multimated elements, along with proposed interactions and activities.


The draft is a full version of the course but it still needs to be refined and revised.


Unless you already have a template, based on the project and your brand, we will design and create a template for your eLearning project. 


The final product includes all source files and published files related to the project.


A timeline provides estimated date ranges of when each deliverable is due. These dates are flexible and will change if obstacles arise in the project, additional components are added to the project and/or if you fail to provide items (in a timely manner) required to complete the deliverable.


Review Cycle

The project goes through a review cycle at each stage of deliverable. There is a review cycle for the design document, storyboard, prototype, draft and final version. The review cycle involves you (client) reviewing the deliverable, providing your feedback to us, and we editing the deliverable based on your feedback. During each review cycle, the following responsibilities apply for both of parties. *


We send you the deliverable (i.e., design document, storyboard, etc), along with the review method. The review method is the system you will use to provide your feedback. We may use Articulate Review, Microsoft Word or ReviewMyeLearning.


You review the document and provide your feedback using the agreed upon feedback method, within the agreed upon timeline. Delay in providing feedback within the established timeline may result in the project being delayed.


We review the feedback, ask follow-up questions and incorporate the feedback to produce the final version of the deliverable. We send the final version of the deliverable to you.


You review the final version of the deliverable and send an email indicating your approval. We will not move on to the next stage of development until we receive written approval of the previous deliverable.  

* Each deliverable has a specific, agreed upon number of review cycles, which is outlined in the contract.



Transparent, respectful communication is key to the success of our projects. Below are our communication process, policies and tools. 


Our business hours are Monday thru Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We do not work on weekends or holidays.


We will respond to your emails, phone calls and any other type of contact between 24 to 48 hours during business hours.


We schedule Initial consultations, Kick-Off meetings and Follow-Up meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

We schedule meetings using Acuity Scheduling. We will send you a link for you to schedule the meeting.  

We conduct meetings using Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform.


Once the project has started, our preferred communication is via the project management application Trello . Our second and third preferred method of communication, are email and phone, respectively. We will respond your contact within 24 to 48 hours during business hours.

We will also use Trello to provide you with weekly project status updates.