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Engage your learners.

Using instructional design models and learning theories, we design, develop and deliver learning experiences that engage and change behavior.


Improve ease of use.

We design, develop and deploy memorable eLearning sites and learning products with the user in mind. 


Communicate your brand.

We help you communicate your brand identity with beautifully designed logos and templates for your eLearning products.

How We Can Help

We provide eLearning development support to entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge and training organizations that want to educate their employees. 

We believe that a learning experience should fit the learner, topic and situation. This could mean creating a three-minute, animated video that your employees access immediately before performing a specific task. Or, it could be developing an interactive, assessment that simulates a case interview to help a career consultant’s client master business case interview skills. Our job is to help you find that sweet spot and make it a reality.

Enovate Learning Blog

Gain insights and strategies for mastering instructional design and eLearning design.

Project management flow chart

eLearning Project Management in a Nutshell

Project Management | 3 minutes to read Juggling different projects and delivering them on-time to clients requires an efficient project management system. In this article, I’ll share my project management[…]

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The Difference Between SCORM and xAPI

SCORM and xAPI | 3 minutes to read SCORM and xAPI are a set of rules that allow an activity, like a course, to talk to (or send information to)[…]

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ELC #288 Interactive Table

Challenge For our Choose your eLearning Challenge Topic #288 submission, we created an interactive table, which provides the population, number of COVID cases and number of COVID deaths for five[…]

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