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Create a Hidden-Object Game

Visual Layout This Hidden Object, eLearning game features an orange and green, frog-themed palette. We created the game in Articulate Storyline 360. It includes background music, video, image and text elements.The high-quality photograph is from Pixabay.com and the video clips are from the Articulate 360 library. We used two font types: Arial Extrabold for the…
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ELC#275: Using Educational Animations in eLearning

Challenge Educational animations are an effective way explain complex concepts and simple processes. In addition, they grab the learner’s attention. Our submission shows how to identify a gas leak in your home and what to do when you if you find one. Animation We created the animations in Vyond (GoAnimate) and developed it in short…
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ELC 274: COVID-19 Rapid Response Training

Challenge Our submission for the eLearning Challenge #274, Rapid Response Training: What You Need to Know About COVID-19 was simple interaction that shows the main symptoms of the corona virus. Visual Layout Our submission features a turquoise-blue, themed palette consisting of three slides: an introduction, activity and conclusion. The interaction includes audio, images, text and…
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Image of ELC 273

ELC#273: Using Scrolling Panels in eLearning

Challenge Using scrolling panels in eLearning projects makes it easy to organize content so that learners can easily digest complicated information. Our interaction shows three ways to save energy in your home. Design Our submission for Articulate’s eLearning Challenge #273: Using Scrolling Panels in eLearning (2020) is one-slide interaction features a simple, soft color scheme…
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Stop Clock

10 Tips for Tracking Your eLearning Development Time

Start Tracking One challenge with developing eLearning content is figuring out how to estimate the time it will take to create a course. It varies based on the amount of interactivity and the length of the course. I still get anxious when a client asks, “How long is that going to take?” Sometimes I overestimate…
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Image of Tab Interaction

Using Tab Interactions to Chunk Content

e-Learning Challenge 272: Using Tabs Interactions to Chuck Content

Frustrated with Disengaged Learners: This eLearning Approach Can Change That

Overview Looking for a way to engage learners and make their learning experiences more meaningful? Consider using a scenario-based e-Learning approach for your next eLearning project. This article explains what is scenario-based e-eLearning, how it engages learners, and the best learning environments and situations in which to use it. What is Scenario-based e-Learning Scenario-based e-Learning…
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A Force-Filled eLearning Challenge

Click here to view the full template. The Challenge Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie is set to release December 19, 2019. In honor of its release, the Articulate’s community eLearning challenge #262 tasked community members with sharing a force-filled Star Wars e-Learning template/example. Rema Merrick, one of our eLearning developers, created and submitted…
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