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ELC 274: COVID-19 Rapid Response Training

ELC 274: COVID-19 Rapid Response Training


Our submission for the eLearning Challenge #274, Rapid Response Training: What You Need to Know About COVID-19 was simple interaction that shows the main symptoms of the corona virus.

Visual Layout

Our submission features a turquoise-blue, themed palette consisting of three slides: an introduction, activity and conclusion. The interaction includes audio, images, text and simple animations. The presentation includes audio narration using the text-to-speech feature in Storyline 360 (Matthew). The high-quality photographs of the Coronavirus, wireframe human body and other images are from Adobe Stock Photos. We used two font types: Articulate Extrabold for the title and Articulate light for the content. The animations are simple fly-in, fade in and split built-ins from Storyline 360.


We developed this interaction using three simple techniques in Articulate Storyline 360: slide layers, triggers and a variable. Each slide layer holds the images and content for each tab. The tab triggers when the user rolls over a tab (Face, Chest or Body), which shows the corresponding slide-layer content and changes the state of the tab to a grayed-out view. Finally, as the user clicks each tab, the variable adds a count of one. When the count reaches three, the tabs have all been activated and the Next button appears. The user advances to the conclusion slide, which provides the reference sources for the interaction.

Development Time

This simple interaction took us less than an hour to create and revise. If you would like more details on our process or a copy of the template, contact us.

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